Windows Live Movie Maker Adding Voice-over with Music This is number 11 in a series of, “how to” videos made to show the many features of windows live mo…
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  2. in order it voice on Audacity , do you need a microphone ? Or will it sound
    loud enough without a microphone ? And also is this program safe ? I want
    to make sure its safe so I wont have any serious viruses .

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  4. I wish there were a app

  5. Download other video editing software movie maker is piece of shit

  6. The most concise, to the point tutorial I’ve seen in a while. Thank you so

  7. thanks a ton

  8. thanks

  9. Thank you! :)

  10. THANK YOU!!! :D


  12. Thank you for posting this clear and concise video 

  13. Question please. The background music does not flow smoothly from slide to
    slide, it is kind of lacy, ruptured as it moves from one photo to another.
    Can you help? Pls & tks.

  14. thx

  15. At last a guy that helped. Jss i watched some videos before finding this,
    people offer help by telling you what the buttons do in movie maker, like
    we cant read. lol Thank you so much for the advice on software, i making an
    advert for youtube and windows comes with a standard sound recorder, pretty
    crap, or it might be my 30rmb Chinese mic. lol Will be able to see now.
    Thanks bud.

  16. Very clear, concise and to the point. Thanks so much !!!

  17. what is that program that u put ur voice and ur music? nvm

  18. do I need a microphone to record?

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