Windows Phone 10 Concept

Windows Phone 10 Concept Windows Phone 10 Concept is an app that you can download in the store Download link : Make sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. đây là lumia 625 phải không ạ…

  2. Im thinking to upgrade to windows 10 but is it possible to downgrade to 8.1
    and how?
    I have nokia Lumia 735 windows 8.1

  3. i installed manually but don’t work ? 

  4. i m not able to downlad this app please help….. actully it is not
    available in my store
    i tried to install manually but it doesn’t work

  5. sadly its like an iphone for the LockScreen ;-;

  6. Just a concept.. not the actual one from microsoft. This was too far from
    the WP philosophy.. anyway nice effort.

  7. i hope that Windows 10 don’t make laggy in Lumia 520 same as when i
    upgraded to 8.1

  8. This concept ruins everything that’s good about Windows Phone 8.1

  9. When this version is not buggy as 8.1 i will stick to my WindowsPhone. It
    is soooo buggy.. The most annoying bug is that after locking it, it is just
    sleeping, does nothing and reacts to nothing : Soft reset -> Time/date is
    wrong, can’t log in to YouTube and every other social media : -> Normal
    shut off and everything works.
    Might not be a big deal if it wouldn’t happen every single day, when i need
    a alarm clock and over night it decides to have this bug so i cant wake up
    on time, when i have to do something really important etc.
    Fix the WP Microsoft…

  10. Good, but I didn’t like this integrated background

  11. is it coming to 520? 

  12. Damm, they have to fix that settings mess.

  13. i can’t find in my lumia 635 ?,

  14. No espero q no sea así es todo trasparente y ya

  15. Its not from Microsoft

  16. really hope wp10 is a good one. especially with apps, even third party apps
    are getting pulled now .. but yeah hope this shit is the good shit we all

  17. hie i cnt find the app in my store im running 8.1 demia Os

  18. That’s the just windows phone 10 concept you can try it. Its available free
    in windows store

  19. RIP 6snap.

  20. Nice UI but i think the “all tiles” transparency is too much… And windows
    phone should have another page when swiping to the left (or make it appear
    when swiping to the right)

  21. wish I could download this : I have a Lumia Icon and it says “Your version
    of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application.”

  22. good…
    but i like your american acsent :)
    need more practice on sh words

  23. Launcher

  24. Seve jenial

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