Windows Phone 8.1 – Battery Life Tips (Nokia Lumia)

Aloha everyone, This video is to help you extend you battery on your Windows Phone 8.1 device. Still need extra juice: Check out this deal on an external bat…


  1. Battery Tips for your Nokia Lumia phone!

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  2. Make your #lumia battery life last longer!

    Do you have any tips to add?

    #windowsphone #wp81 #nokialumia 

  3. how can u have 5 icons quick action in notification center ??? i only have
    4 icons 

  4. Thanks for posting. I am new to windows phones. I just got the Lumia 1520 a
    couple days ago and still learning all it does. Your video here helped a
    lot. It’s hard to leave Android so not sure I will keep the new phone but I
    sure do like it so far, so not sure yet. Any advice on transfer from being
    an android person to WP person are very welcome.

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