Windows Phone 8.1 & Cortana on Lumia 520 – Hands-on Review

This is a review of cortana and windows phone 8.1 developer preview on a Nokia Lumia 520, also explaining how to get Cortana ! Thanks for spending your time …


  1. are you a human? no i´m not, you have imaginary friends LOL

  2. Tested Cortana and works pretty well for a beta version, also if installed
    windows phone 8.1 but cortana didn’t come I tried to explain how to get it!
    As allways feel free to ask me questions even if they are not about the
    topic, Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

  3. I did everything you said but no cortana please help 

  4. I updated to 8.1 but i didnt get cortana

  5. whats is that cologne?? is that a app of weather checking n all??

  6. Sorry abt tht..can you give a overall video of major features of 8.1….

  7. I have same settings as you, and also changed location to US but I still
    don’t have cortana… I still have bing..

  8. ur awsome man i checked your video how to update to windows 8.1 i seen ur
    video and successfully installed.. and also my cortana works smoothly

  9. What’s tht music. I like it.

  10. hola amigo seba a poder poner en español en un futuro cortana o solo va a
    ser en ingles

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