Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana personal assistant demo – Text message while on car bluetooth

I demonstrate how well the phone streamlines the video and audio playback with my bluetooth car stereo and how it handles receiving and replying to text messages while driving with the new…
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  1. mytube app is by far the best youtube client!!!

  2. Been looking EVERYWHERE for information on BT connectivity for a pioneer
    head unit. Thanks much. Should tag this with pioneer model number as well

  3. maybe it was, but let him scream it out loud!!!!!

  4. this was a standard feature of Windows 8 before Cortana.

  5. Where is the beta for ICON?

  6. Could txt and call from BT before with 8.0. I only have a lumia a yr ago
    but know ppl who could do it in 2012. Nokia’s site has info on it.
    Now I actually can’t do this with 8.1 as long as Cortana is enabled b/c it
    messed up the mics. A search on “cortana breaks mic” explains it.

  7. Try Nokia Creative Studio for a photo editor. It’s pretty good and very
    easy to use.

  8. you should try fantasia painter for editing photos. You will surely love

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