Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana Review

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  1. Hard to find help around here. Anyway Thunder E maybe you can help. Cortana
    can’t connect to my home Wi-Fi! Any ideas?

  2. I dont have Cortana on my Lumia 1320. Its on my Lumia 920, though. How do i
    get it on Lumia 1320? Thanks.

  3. She is such a big troll!

  4. How is this a REVIEW on a product that is in beta stages for developers to
    use?! Who reviews a non finalized release?

  5. Not to bad but I think Siri is one step ahead.

  6. cortana is a delight. I want her bad

  7. is it applicable in lumia 520
    i am from india rply…plsss

  8. Arsenal <3

  9. Make lumia phones with fingerprint sensor and water resistant features and
    I will buy in a heart beat… 

  10. This is a dumb question, I know but
    Does Cortana work in the UK?

  11. can i get this update on a lumia 928???

  12. You are speaking “try again” before she was ready to listen. That’s why you
    were not able to edit the message you were gonna send.

  13. @brunogt1982 she’s not. Cortana is the better half.

  14. you said “try again” before she was finish telling you what to do. it
    you’re fault not hers.

  15. Uninstall the Facebook beta app and download the official Facebook app.

  16. Nice

  17. That’s not to bad even though it’s in beta, Microsoft better not let this
    feature fail because it has great potential

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