Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana walkthrough

Microsoft’s new virtual personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 Taking on Siri and Google Now, Cortana shows promise, but it’s still not perfect.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Is it voiced by Jen Taylor?

  2. Good demo, but you didn’t demo the most important feature – data binding
    (or whatever I should call it). You can make a search and then work with
    the result, or you can fetch data from an app and use it in another. Or you
    can control cortana enabled apps.

  3. I’m actually really happy for Microsoft. They’re finally going back to
    their roots as a software company, and their Windows 8.1 standardization
    could really allow developers to quickly expand their app store. 

  4. The fact that this is only a beta >>>>>>>>>>>>

    its better than Siri, and as good if not better than Google Now

  5. Cortana is still in beta and not finished, so this is not a final product.

  6. Lol I really expected this to be garbage but its good.

  7. Microsoft is WINNING from their ecosystem integration, to their software
    updates, cortana, awesome CEO, Xbox One, and Nokia… They are just winning

  8. how come when I ask her to tell me a joke she only asks if I want to send
    “me” a message saying joke?

  9. Ok, but then again… BING

  10. Cortana is way better than siri and cortana is still in BETA too

  11. 3:08 HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odessey) reference???

  12. You can always bypass the voice software entirely by typing in your query.
    This is a great feature for those who hate voice recognition or noisy

  13. why 8.1?! if this rather consistent update is only a 0.1 increment, i
    wonder what 8.5 could bring. but i guess this is exactly what ms wants me
    to think… :))

  14. Android “flies away” 

  15. me during the video: thats cool, that too…swype keyboard?!?!?

  16. does cortana like big stick

  17. The future is microsoft. I’m so excited. Xbox, windows 8.1, Cortana all

  18. Okay

  19. The interface looks pretty badass, just like halo

  20. Cortana is a nice mix of Siri (personality, playfulness and utility) and
    Google Now (anticipating and presenting relevant information and learning
    through search and email). It’s also open to developers to plug in their
    apps to be controlled through Cortana.

  21. Finnally Windows phone can search the messaging already !! Good Job
    Microsoft !! I cant wait for this updates !!!!!

  22. Windows Phone 8.1 i love you! <3

  23. The future is microsoft. I’m so excited. Xbox, windows 8.1, Cortana all

  24. Exciting feature! This sort of thing makes me want to try out WP again!
    Good video! :D

  25. very intuitive ` slowing becoming a solid OS, they need to add now
    flexibility and app development for major shares

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