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Question by : need deleted files back :(?

so today i have done a huge mistake. this is what happened

i found in my recycle bin old phone videos that i imported before giving my brother the old phone i had. i thought that those videos were from realplayer, cause sometimes when realplayer is downloaded it instantly imports videos to the library. i dont like that so i delte them from it to the recycle bin and delete them again from the bin. but they are still in my videos folder. this time though, i delted them but i couldnt find them back in the videos folder. i realized then i had just done something very bad: highschool memories just deleted by a mere accident.

i searched the internet since the morning and downloaded phoenix photo recovery, recuva, and they didnt do the job. i did a system restore and that didnt work either. i tryed to restore from my old sd card from recuva software, still didnt find the videos. i have windows 8.1, so i found that there is something called file history and i was relieved, then it turns out i had it off, and it needed to be on for files to be recovered. and its not even worth it. because we have to hook up an extrernal or internet drive? seriously? whats the point then i could just have saved them onto the drive and always imported them from there.

i have not given up yet, and i find this old yahoo answers pal as one of the final options to ask about my situaution. any help on how to restore these videos?

thnx in advance!

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Answer by Daniel
do you remember where these files were storaged before they are deleted, I mean which partition (C D E or F?). Try eassos recovery free to recover deleted files. after the scanning is finished, check files in the folder “recovered types”. If files in that folder can not be opened, then they can never be recovered by any means.

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    930-as és Lumia 925-ös okostelefonon. | Facebook: | Iratkozz fel

  7. You can recover deleted files with data recovery software, see this solution

    helped me last time.

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