Windows Phone 8.1 : on lumia 520 ( exclusive )

twitter : @aakash006sharma !! Windows phone 8.1 ( vietnam + Chinese mix ) ROM finally flashed on NOKIA LUMIA 520…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. im not getting notification light for my lumia 520
    can you help me plsss

  2. Lumia 520 has three columns, but why does the lumia 525 with windows 8.1
    has two ?
    they both r exactly same in shape and size only difference is that 525
    comes with 1 gb ram, so why 525 have only 2 columns ??

  3. That OS looks like it hates that phone.

  4. it is their for lumia 720 in india?

  5. Who in their right mind thought that intro music was necessary?

  6. LAG.

  7. came here to say: FAKE
    I know, I’m late.

  8. How can i get it and when are they gonna make a 2 min video on it

  9. guao es real … cuando llega a Colombia me encantaría tenerla en mi
    teléfono independientemente a mi me encanta el lumia 520 y el 720 son mis
    favoritos jejeje espero respuesta

  10. nasıl yükledin

  11. Why people keep saying its fake? Maybe microsoft wanted this guy to test it
    out. Haha

  12. 3 live title on lumia 520? Really?

  13. Attention to black bars on the sides of the screen, the charging (phone
    “charging” without connecting to the outlet) and a lack of camera
    demonstration and moving tiles. Fake

  14. Что то он тормозит капец


  16. Sorry to say, this is a fake video. That’s why it’s an exclusive.

    The 520 doesn’t allow 3 tiles across. Tiles are moving slightly side to

  17. When the black amber available in india

  18. can i upgrade my lumia 920 in wp 8.1?

  19. i looking very good.

  20. how did u do dat in lumia 520.please say.

  21. WTF, it glitch

  22. có vẻ lag

  23. Fake

  24. its not 520. u cant keep three mid-larger tile in a row in 520.. its just
    has 4 inch display

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