Windows Phone 8.1 Podcasts

Preview of the built-in Podcasts app on Windows Phone 8.1 Read more:
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  1. Lumia Icon, podcast app crashes everytime I open it. Epic failure.

  2. hi. can you tell me how to submit a audio podcast?

  3. arrrghhh I cant get rid of this fckijftft ing app its taking up 485mb data
    even though I haven’t got a single podcast downloaded to my phone how do I

  4. There is one unintended behavior with a separate podcast app, my car no
    longer sees it as apart of ”Music” so I cannot see the podcasts folder on
    the in-dash menu along with regular music.

  5. What windows phone is that?

  6. Nokia Lumia 1520 user here. I like the fact that you can search for
    podcasts and add ones that previously weren’t listed in the Store.
    However, I’m having problems with downloads restarting if I leave the
    Podcast app and switch back to it, or if I put the phone in sleep while in
    the app and wake it. This irritates the hell out of me. Anyone else have
    this problem?

  7. Whatever happened to the previous podcast app? It was much better for
    browsing and discovering new podcasts. This podcasts app for 8.1 seems
    striped down with no way of discovering new podcasts, and instead of
    replaced with a search bar. Can anyone recommend a good a good podcasts
    browsing/ discovery app?

  8. Can you now save podcasts to the SD card?

  9. can I change the tempo?

  10. I’m not a big fan of the on screen buttons.

  11. @MichaelJKing 8.1

  12. Anyone knows if it will work in Canada? Because the current podcast feature
    in WP8 in unavailable in Canada…

  13. and where can i download these so called podcasts?

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