Windows Phone 8.1 Swipe Keyboard

Preview of the swipe keyboard feature in Windows Phone 8.1. Read more:
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  1. @MyNamesXander ALL WP8 phones.

  2. Does anyone know anything about WindowsPhone 8.1 on a Lumia 520? Will it be

  3. ok so i downloaded windows 8.1 on my 520, everything was working fine, but
    today when i try to swip noyhing happens can anyone help me?

  4. I am so excited for swipe on Windows Phone. I loved Swype on my android and
    have missed it since I switched. To me the biggest difference between swipe
    and microsoft’s “shape writing” will be that the Microsoft’s version works
    well on all phones even on the most budget smart phones, such as the Lumia
    520. It works so well even on budget phones, that a budget phone was used
    to break the previous world record for fastest text input on a smartphone.

    Back on swipe on android, it worked great on my phone, but I had plenty of
    friends who said they hated swipe on their phones, because their phones
    processed the movement too slowly to be useful. Glad that Microsoft has
    figured out a way to deliver high quality text detection even on budget

  5. i was wondering, who will type something in Windows 8.1 when you have

  6. @MegaMrso We already have it, I have 3 keyboards with 3 languages that I
    can always swap pressing 1 button

  7. wordflow keyboard.

  8. I think its a great feature but I wish they would’ve made the keyboard a
    lil less tall

  9. can windows 8.1 will support on lumia 620 if plz tell me how to

  10. Doesn’t work on my htc 8s because you said i dont have to enable it but
    when i swipe through my keyboard nothing happens

  11. I love my 521 nokia lumia. I wasnt expexting this 521 phone to be so
    awesome.I love it alot more now with the new windows update.the best :) and
    the swipe keyboard is soooooooo accurate.loving it

  12. @MyNamesXander if it has windows 8 OS it will be upgradeble

  13. @akshay jain It works

  14. Yeah this is a big feature I love on Android

  15. @MyNamesXander yep :)

  16. @MyNamesXander yeah any phone that has windows phone 8 will get it.

  17. Can you tell us if they updated the emojis?

  18. Can’t wait to get my hands on Wordflow! 😀 

  19. Any chance adding some other languages like Google?

  20. how to update or download

  21. Can you disable it? I kinda like the drag and then release to select like
    on the number pad mode.

  22. The swipe keyboard runs in whatsapp?

  23. Can plzzz any one tell will this work on 8.1 or not i love this update

  24. is that 620??

  25. True windows fan are excited about this. It has finally came and we are
    waiting patiently.

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