Windows Phone 8.1 – The Complete What’s New

Scott Hanselman walks through Windows Phone 8.1 (Developer Preview) on a real Nokia Lumia 920 (not an emulator).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Windows Phone 8.1 – The complete what’s new video, filmed on a real phone1

  2. Come hai fatto ad fare il video sul telefono nokia che.pogramma hai usato

  3. so which app do you use to project your screen? :)

  4. Супер! Кто на русском – лайк 😉 

  5. Love the see through tiles on the start screen background. Can’t wait to
    mess with that.

  6. Windows Phone 8.1 – The Complete What’s New

  7. Thank you for pointing out screen projection! I either missed it being
    announced or just missed it in general! This opens up a whole new world for
    me to teach about phone development.

  8. +Scott Hanselman my brother how do I make project my screen work? It’s
    always searching even if I connect to USB.

  9. 8.1 runs great on the Nokia Lumia 925

  10. The one thing I hate about windows mobile 8 is the lack of control in the
    music player & steaming video clips online. I really hope the 8.1 update
    gives us more control & functions


  12. did anyone notice we can make kind of groups for apps in the start screen
    by dragging one tile on to another one

  13. Finally!! Windows phone can now compete. Lack of proper Notifications was
    one area that made me touch windows phone with a ten foot pole. Cortana
    takes the best of Google Voice Search and Siri.

    Now all that’s left are the apps

  14. i have windows phone 8.1 but how does the screen projection feature work? i
    have my phone connected via usb and the windows phone app is installed on
    my pc… :/

  15. Great Windows Phone 8.1 video from +Scott Hanselman . Cool experience
    shown with Cortana.

  16. Windows Phone 8.1 – The complete what’s new video, filmed on a real phone1

  17. Just downloaded 8.1 here in London. Quite impressed, overall, but no
    Flipboard, sadly. Cortana needs work…but it’s a good start.

  18. Is it possible to do that (place a live tile) at a wordpress site as well?
    What have I to do then? (please, I am no code-pro ;)

  19. Very good – thank you. Is there any equivalent to Cortana on German

  20. @Raphael Mastromonaco Hey, the Facebook app is a real app. The YouTube app
    is just a link, unfortunately Google refuses to bring their services to WP.
    But we have MyTube which works wonderful. And we also have Metrotube which
    also works good, but its UI is not as good as MyTube.

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