Windows Phone 8.1 Update Hands On

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Hands On

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Hands On by FoneArena. takes a hands on look at the Windows Phone 8.1 update which was announced at B…


  1. Can i install app directly to my sd card on my lumia 820 on the wp 8.1 ?

  2. @ASWANTH T P Loooooooool what?! Literally one feature was copied.

  3. @ASWANTH T P Everyone copies everyone, Android copied alot from the old
    Windows Mobile when it first came out.

  4. The worst operating system ever… Are you not ashamed of copying

  5. why they never close the apps using multitask….i wanna see the multitask
    in wp8.1….just press and hold the back button…

  6. @ASWANTH T P How is it copying android? U realize notification tray was on
    windows mobile before android was even out all android did was refine it
    and update it

  7. great!

  8. Windows Phone 8.1 Update Hands On:

  9. this video is a mess xD

    WP has been able to change lockscreen background since forever. xD also
    apps can change background and include their info on it…

    what’s new in WP8.1 is “interactive” Lockscreen, wich is not shown here.

  10. Arab

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