Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Windows Phone 8.1 has brought Microsoft’s phone platform quite a long ways since the early days. Now that we have a much broader feature list, I thought it time to compare Windows Phone 8.1…
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  1. WP is my fav. OS so far.

  2. The problem with Windows Phone I noticed:
    Programmers: “Nah, we won’t make WP version of our app, since it’s just ~3%
    of the market and it’s not worth it”
    Users: “Nah, I won’t buy WP because it doesn’t have much apps”

    Of course there are some exceptions, like me ;)

  3. windows phone really is a serious competitor now

  4. they probably knew they were making a robotic and rusty OS when Android was
    in the making…why else would they name it on something that they know
    lags like a Robot…?? ANDROID? WHICH BTW ITSELF MEANS A ROBOT….2 months
    into usage and the menus start jittering…..My windows phone is a year old
    now and still runs fast without lag…fuckin Lagroid

  5. Gosh every review is so biased towards Android or iPhone. Because every big
    mobile review company either owns android or iPhone. If this guy ACTUALLY
    owned a Windows Phone and used it for more than a week I think he, like
    myself and many others; would fall in love with the WP Operating System and
    start realizing what a modern smartphone should be: all necessary
    functions, no lag, quick and cool with a great camera to capture every
    moment (which is what Windows Phone is)

  6. You listen to MitiS?! 😀 I love you! And I’m about to buy the Lumia 1520!
    Can’t wait! ^^

  7. Customization vs No Customization.

  8. am using nokia lumia 720 with windows 8.1 and lenovo 780 android kitkat for
    the last several months.
    my opinion hardware side Nokia is best . but on user interface it is still
    a baby with the windows.

  9. Hello Erin < , hello everybody < i would like to know , which OS is better in saving Rams/memory useage .. i have heard that WIndow 8.1 uses a lot less memory from the rams than the Android .. if anyone could conform to me that whither this sentence is true or false?!! , that would be the best!!!

  10. at least microsoft didn’t copy apple iOS.
    I like windows 8.1 better than android.
    Android lagsssss and its a memory eater.

  11. I like the overall design of windows phone better, and I recently got a
    Lumia 1520, and the proccessing power of it is overkill. Also I love the
    windows phone cameras.

  12. If you are going to be comparing Android 4.4 Kit Kat to Windows Phone 8.1,
    you should be using a Nexus phone (preferably a Nexus 5) with stock
    Android. Not a shitty Samsung Galaxy S5 with TouchWiz.

  13. Please help! I buy android or Windows phone?

  14. This guy is trying hard to make the Windows phone seem ok – but ends up
    showing off how much better android is.

  15. Windows phone isn’t terrible, but android and apple are better by a long
    shot. For windows phone to become a big seller in the market already eaten
    up by apple and android they need to make a better app store. Or even
    consider pairing up with the play store sorry to say. Its like nook. Their
    store sucked so bad that they finally had to put the play store on their
    devices. And even though they are more customizeable than apple, they need
    to catch up with android on the customizability segment. If windows doesn’t
    start making unique to them things and keeps taking ideas from android and
    apple they are going to go under. Remember how fast blackberry went under.
    The same thing is going to happen to the windows phone franchise if they
    don’t get their heads out of their cracks.

  16. I’m new to the windows phone. Why isn’t my phone like yours? I have Nokia
    Lumia 1020

  17. Well comparing xity awful Samsung bad bloatware UI running laggy android
    isnt fair, but even as that i prefer 1000 times samsung stuff than SENIOR
    kind WPx.xx all the same on all lumia’s homescreen 

  18. Here are some tips: if you want a PROPER smartphone by an apple / IOS or
    any android phone, but never waste your money on a windows phone ,
    ESPECIALLY nokia

  19. Après 15 ans de téléphone Nokia, je DÉCONSEILLE les Windows-Phones.
    ils sont, par exemple, incapables de passer correctement à la 8.1… et ce
    depuis de nombreux mois…
    On connaissait en effet les lancements ratés car non “déboguées” de Windows
    depuis toujours et bien c’est la même chose avec les téléphones de la
    J’ai en effet un Nokia Lumia 1520, l’une des plus puissante machine Lumia,
    et quand il a fallut passer de la 8 a la 8.1, tout à commencé a déconner…
    le son, les applications, le tactile, écran qui se bloque complétement et
    j’en passe…
    Alors bien-sur je me suis tourné vers Nokia, qui m’a donné un outil à
    mettre sur mon pc pour le réparer, et qui n’a rien fait.
    Je l’ai donc donné a un point service, ils me l’on rendus après avoir
    réinstallés la 8.1, mais les bugs sont toujours là…
    je lai donc rendu au point service qui l’a envoyé à Nokia, et ils ont…
    …réinstallés la 8.1 pour la 3ieme fois et l’on renvoyés…
    car en fait même les réparateurs Nokia ne peuvent rien contre les bugs de
    la 8.1…
    vous allez me dire mais pourquoi ne pas se retourner vers Windows ?
    Car Windows ne réponds pas… simplement…
    on pourrais me changer mon téléphone, puisqu’il est sous garantie, pour
    m’en donner un neuf ce serais assez simple…
    mais non, ce serais TROP simple surement…
    Nokia renvoie à juste titre, la balle à Windows, et Windows est comme
    toujours, silencieux, ce qui clos le débat pour toutes les personnes qui
    auront à l’avenir un problème avec leurs Windows phones…
    donc je vous conseil d’aller… ailleurs…
    à bon entendeur…

  20. anroid phones does have a problem i do have sony xperia phone but it get
    infected virus all the thime still i am using best antivirus for of
    bitdefender . i also think now windows are really better then android

  21. They (Windows Phone) did add folders, which is fantastic!

  22. Try it, you’ll like it! 

  23. I was an android user for quite a while but I prefer the windows phones
    now, I have a budget Lumia 620 and it’s brilliant with the 8.1 update it’s
    very quick considering it’s limited spec when compared to the current crop
    of 8.1 Windows phones but it does the job, wouldn’t touch an android phone
    for love nor money now

  24. الواحد احتار بصراحة اندرويد ولا ويندوز

  25. lol lot of windows fans here..they’ll go crazy on windows 10 release

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