Windows Phone 8.1 walkthrough (Nokia Lumia 1020 update)

We’ve upgraded our Nokia Lumia 1020 to Windows Phone 8.1 using the method outlined in this article:…
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  1. i’d rather not have cortana than to set my phone to US location

  2. what is cortana?

  3. In ringtones+sounds you used to be able to change your ringtone along with
    other sound notifications, but now you can only change reminder tone and
    ringtone. How do you change the other tones? (SMS more importantly)

  4. How do i have the phone vibrate i have it set to vibrate on but it does not
    vibrate i was working fine before the update 

  5. can i update nokia lumia 800 to windows 8? please let me know soon

  6. You forgot to show the camera of 8.1 ! 

  7. Great video again Basil. Big fan of your videos, keep them coming

  8. 3:31 got into the rhythm

  9. +Diego Torres ojo pa, aqui ensenia todo lo nuevo. Y le da la opcion para
    instalarlo, pero es vara po que ya casi sale el update!

  10. not a fan of that forced cropping!! Ruined a lot of great pics I wanted to
    half of my 4 kids only to be forced to crop them out even though they are
    huddled together ruined that aspect for me !

  11. Why is the person doing the tutorial speaking so fast?

  12. has 8.1 been released to the public yet for an update. I bought the 1020
    today, picking it up tomorrow and im wondering If it has ben released (not
    the developer version)

  13. My only concerns are the battery life and the screen quality. Im coming
    from an iPhone 4. Does the IP4 have a better battery and screen?

  14. can Swype with Windows Phone8.1 on Nokia Lumia 1020?

  15. This whole time I thought my update didn’t include Cortana, but I just had
    to activate it X’D haha thanks

  16. This channel deserve 1 billion sub 

  17. What kind of storage do you have? 64gb? I didn’t know they made Something
    like that.. 

  18. I just bought a nokia lumia 1020 and updated it to 8.1 but i didnt get
    cortana?? I live in denmark (europe) i dont know if that has something to
    do with it

  19. Great video? Why? Almost every 8.1 video neglects to show us the changes
    to the me, messaging or people hubs. This is a big thing for a lot of
    users who are worried the integration has been ruined in favour of an
    app-centric approach.

  20. This is the info I was looking for, thank you :) Quick question, I want to
    activate Cortana but to use it will my phone need to be set permanently
    to US or is that setting needed only for Cortana’s activation and I can set
    it back to UK?

  21. Is it compatible for Lumia 625?

  22. Now it is not that simple to check your contact’s number you always need to
    do this true call history ? why ?
    and can i do video call other way not just true the skype

  23. the worst update ever

  24. How the camera works with this update…? And… The battery….? How long
    is its life…? 

  25. hi
    i can’t get viber or Skype call while the screen is off. how can i get
    Skype and Viber calls when i not using the phone i mean when its on
    standby? my phone model is Nokia 1320

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