Windows RT and Office 2013 RT hands-on demo

Ross Miller checks out Windows RT at IFA 2012. Read the full article here:…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  2. Look’s Like Windows 8 Tablet’s Must improve a bit… #samsung #windows8 

  3. Not impressed….

  4. I thought W8 is touch UI when I tried it in my loptop but it looks like
    mixed. Anyway after this video I am doubting their tablets and PC UI. It is
    sooooo user unfriendly

  5. This sucks big time! (Much worse than i thought )

  6. it should be better on the pro version since its suppose to have an ivy
    bridge chip-set and 4 gigs of ram

  7. This gives a terrible impression of RT and the whole of Windows on tablets.
    I cant help shake the feeling the previewer is doing this on purpose. first
    of all he ignore features that would enhance the touch experience in
    desktop mode. But more importantly only showing off the desktop-mode is
    like only showing DOS-mode in WIndows 95!

  8. Ross said at the very end you will need a keyboard and your going to have
    to find a mouse. Hmmmmmm, now what is the technology I’ve heard once before
    in my life……type cover or is it touch cover, or both? I can’t put my
    finger on it.

  9. Is it Office Suite on Windows RT like the ones on a PC? Fully featured I

  10. wait, if Windows 8 RT has a desktop mode, what is the diference with the
    other windows 8?

  11. The guy reviewing this tablet is a moron.

  12. dislike because that guy in video clearly try his best to make win8 looks

  13. Looks really crappy.

  14. I dont get it. Why Office Metro opens in “desktop mode”. Whats the point
    than of Office Metro?

  15. WTH microsoft? You’re going back to windows mobile failure? Terrible
    iteration of windows desktop in touchscreen interface

  16. Yep, looks like an iPad killer to me….

  17. He’s just shitting on Windows 8, but I don’t think he knows that Office and
    other functions on the desktop actually aren’t working well, because the
    device isn’t optimized for it it’s RT. So, he should be showing the metro
    style section of Windows 8. DISLIKED

  18. This is a touch screen device why the hell are you in desktop mode idiot

  19. this guy shouldn’t be allowed what he doesn’t know about.

  20. I have this gut feeling this ISN’T RT. And same goes for Office 2013. If
    this ain’t RT, then this is a waste of time.

  21. Well Windows 8 tablets are gonna blow…

  22. Dude, do you know how to read? It’s not a review.

  23. Why note spend more time in the metro section? I mean, that’s where you are
    meant to be must of the time.

  24. This is not a good review.. You’re reviewing desktop mode with your
    fingers! You should review the touch interface.. Such a shame.. This is
    just like reviewing Windows 7 with a tocuhscreen.. Yould rename the vid..
    “Win8 acting like win7 review”

  25. It’s true, but if you only use metro ui, you have a complete touch tablet.
    If you need some extras, connect a keyboard (if is a convertible not
    needed) and go to use desktop interface. All in one, but each function with
    her ui.

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