Windows & Windows Phone 8.1 – Better Together

See how we’ve reinvented the Windows experience across all your screens so you can shoot, share, work and play while on the go.

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  1. I WANNA SEE CORTANA !!!!!!!

  2. IE is Still crap, Bing is getting hopeless by the day. Apps don’t even make
    sense. Photos takes too long to load, Bing Translate makes me look and
    sound like a fool. There’s so much work to be done and why can’t skydrive
    work properly? Windows is still good anyways

  3. Idk why people hate windows 8 its not half bad if you get the hang of it

  4. it’s here syncing between the Microsoft accounts not the two devices !
    i mean i want to be able to control the PC from my mobile or open it from
    my mobile, something like this not just changing the color and the same
    bookmarks !

    if this is a big deal so Android is so much better if it’s about INTERNET
    and ACCOUNT settings !

  5. Man you guys are barley catching up to Apple. But good to see Microsoft
    finally grow. I might upgrade to Win.8.1 

  6. Windows Phone 8 is MUCH BETTER than iOS 7. When 8.1 gets released, my Lumia
    1520 will crush the iPhone even more. LOL at iPhoneys/hipsters!

  7. Soooooo great!!! :)))

  8. *Microsoft News:*
    – *Cortana* – new voice search tool for Windows Phone *( anwser to Siri,
    Google Now)*
    – *Windows Phone 8.1* – new mobile OS
    – *Windows 8.1 Update*
    – *Windows will be free* for hardware makers – on phones, tablets with
    screens under 9″ and *Internet of Things* devices

    #Microsoft +Windows Phone #Cortana 

  9. Where is She ???

  10. Ya know what? Chrome should be the pre-installed Web browser! 

  11. I updated to 8.1 long ago and still doesnt have that features?

  12. You should like make “SmartGlass” for Windows 8. Like you can controll your
    pc with your Smartphone :D

  13. All we need now is apps!!!

  14. IE and Bing are getting worse and worse

  15. Reinvented? The whole metro thing is ok on the tablets and phones but not
    on the desktop. Charms do interrupt normal work very often so disabling
    them is recommended. After using third party apps to add functions that was
    there in windows 7 it is usable. For a casual user it is fun to play on
    metro and do minor thigns taht doesnt need any of the normal user
    knowledge, but for the power user the start screen is useless, all the full
    screen app thing just gets anoying in time. I do strip start screen of
    replace it with StartIsBack app, disable all the charms and that gets
    windows more functional. Why can’t it be taht way by default? Make a
    special version or something. I know you invested lots in the metro
    development and it has to pay off but please, do not force all users to use
    that isntead of traditional start menu.Make it an option how the user wants
    to use his desktop, make some kind of statistics tracking and you will see
    how many will choose normal start menu instead of that screen.

  16. Yeah well I already foresee some problems with this whole “theme” sharing
    thing. Windows has LOTS of background and accent colour choices, however
    Windows Phone only has 2 (Black & White) background colours and a few
    accent colours.
    So what happens If I pick colours on my Windows that do not exist in
    Windows Phone?

  17. sooooo….when am i getting this phone update? haha

  18. Wish they are going to update windowsphone 7.8 with some of the windows 8.1
    features. I know it is not possible to update a 7.8 to windowsphone 8.1 but
    it would be great if 7.8 gets updated to stay fresh… 

  19. Can there be pattern/face unlocks?

  20. Hi.

    I can’t stop thinking about how much Win8 is a near-miss on excellent. The
    Zune interface (renamed Metro) is NOT awful, combining two operating
    systems is handwork, but that’s the problem that Microsoft has failed to
    see.. we (consumers) didn’t need these two operating systems combined into
    a unified system.. I have a HTC Zune phone, my touch devices are few, I
    never want to own a tablet, the things dissatisfy me. but you really caught
    me with surprise in the Zune phone user experience..

    Having a ‘satellite device’ is the next step forward for Windows, you were
    very correct on this, However mashing these systems together in this
    fashion has so far failed. .. What do *I* want from an Windows 8 experience
    etal~ I want two user experiences that aren’t trying to be one.. I want a
    very light version of Windows 7, built from the kernel to the reg to the
    gui, all designed as lightweight as possible, but still retaining the
    compatibility and functionality Windows 7 and Vista have afforded us, ..
    why I do I want it so featherweight?? .. for Gaming, for everyday tasks.. I
    realize you have done some of this already, file moving is now is almost a
    pleasure, thank you! .. some of my games benefit from Win8..

    But there is so much more that can be done! lighten the bloat. If the
    kernel is smaller, then the reg is smaller..if the Wine team can make a
    windows emulator run on top of Linux, then there is much fat to be cut. ..
    and in regard to the ‘Desktop Zune Experience’ that is Metro.. I just want
    my desktop as a second monitor for my Zune phone, I want to run apps on
    desktop should I like to, arrange my cloud files, music and pictures and
    videos and movies,.. but.. do I want to use a mouse and keyboard for
    something so obviously designed for another style of user interaction??
    NO.. and you are forcing us to do awkward things with a keyboard and mouse
    they were never designed for. .. it is a mash sir.. a mash.

    You should have had an ‘opt out’ of Metro for users without Zune
    Devices..that would have been the adult and responsible thing to do. ..
    refocus on lightness of OS, on poise balance and performance. Why is there
    such a big reaction to such a little things as the missing start menu?
    because it destroyed our productivity flow.. something your company amongst
    other things was founded on, enabling workflow… more clicks to use an
    interface designed with another device in mind. .. the idea is less clicks,
    you can’t switch middle tool interface (keyboard and mouse) to touch based
    tool and expect the same or less result. touch based on keyboard and mouse
    will always mean more clicks.. and as we know the more times you have to
    click the slower the WHOLE work task is.. why? because each click can be a
    new window or new data load from the drive, each click increases work time
    by a factor of x1 then x2 etc.

    The above video show great promise. I hope it works out. really,. I like my
    its .. intuitive.



  21. That is it? My Nexus 5 and Chrome browser can do the same thing if not
    better than Micro$oft.

  22. So glad that I have both!

  23. Does anyone know what computer Joe is working with there?

  24. That is one sweet monitor back there. Other than that, pretty meh.
    Favorites and recent tabs? So revolutionary.


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