XBMC and Windows 8 — smart playlists + widgets + UEFI + XBMCLauncher

Just a brief video showing my XBMC install on a Windows 8 machine. I cover what can be done with smart playlists and widgets and sql database… among other …
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  1. My setup is pretty much the same. I use XBMC, AEON NOX and EmberMM.
    Dude! Stop telling the whole world how easy this is to set up! How are we
    gonna impress our friends when anybody can get it??

  2. I like the customization and effect on the movie menu & view. Can you share
    your settings or set me in the right direction?

  3. From where did you get your home file server ? Thanks

  4. Yeah its just as cumbersome as XBMC setup but once you have it setup its
    very impressive and less costly (free) compared to building an arcade box.
    Almost forgot, youtube xbmc cinema experience add-on, you might want to set
    that up to get a full moive theater vibe on your movie playback.

  5. What OS are you using on the file server?

  6. I just use windows 7 64-bit and share my folders using SMB.

  7. Can you help me to build one. I would appreciate it

  8. Thanks! I’ve looked into hyperspin but it seems like a lot of time/work to
    get it to play happy. The countertop by the small tv (in the video) would
    be a pretty sweet spot to put an xarcade controller someday though. I made
    sure the theater room has a lock on it…. the kid will hopefully not find
    out about it until she’s about 18 years old. lol.

  9. I currently have an NAS device but I don’t like it because the write speed
    is slow so I was thinking in building something like you had that looks
    amazing. I was wondering if you could do a video building the thing you
    have or telling what to buy to build one a file server. Thank u so much

  10. the trick is to download or convert your 3d blurays to “3d side-by-side”
    format. Most 3D tvs will recognize this format and my Panasonic plasma
    coverts to 3d mode automatically once one is played. Supposedly the next
    version of XBMC will support all 3d formats natively so you can still see
    the menus and everything while in 3d mode.

  11. A file server? It’s just a windows PC. Any PC will work as a file server.

  12. Nice set up. I see you have a PS3, why not have Hyperspin on your XMBC to?
    It will make your setup ultimate boss. You can kiss the nice theater room
    goodbye when the baby comes tho (speaking from experience lol). Good luck

  13. I actually just built it custom. The file server is a silverstone case with
    a microATX board, very barebones… then I have an 8-bay eSATA hard drive
    bay that houses all the drives.

  14. Nice setup, how did u get the 3d movies to work?

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