xbmc animated backgrounds

Animated backgrounds configuration trial running bit laggy due to screen recorder program running in background but almost got this sorted.

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  1. if you send me a link to your email ill email you the working GIFS i have

  2. I looked at ifixit internal images for the Apple TV and noticed that the
    board has test points, figured there may be a chance to JTAG it.
    I wanted to check if Apple is using JTAG or SWD (serial wire debug) as ARM
    supports both. A quick search on jobs.apple.com reveals that Apple only
    uses JTAG/ICE and not Serial Wire Debug (no mention of it in the job
    descriptions). They talk about board level OS testing, so they do final
    testing in house after the board is fully manufactured. It seems they use
    cadence concept/allegro
    10 pin connector looks like ARM 10-PIN JTAG connector – (Mfgr: Don Connex
    P/N: C42 or Samtec P/N: SHF-105-01-L-D-TH).
    I haven’t traced the pins yet, but one them has to have JTAG. I will post
    my findings, but wanted to see if xda developers is the right forum or is
    there another place?

    Another interest is that A5 is also in iphone 5. As the software bugs are
    patched, we may have only left with hardware hack to jailbreak. Hoping we
    can load a patched boot loader.



  3. OK Guys n Girls Me and the team of Jailbreakers are now looking into a over
    looked JTAG exploit with any luck we will get some good results please feel
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  4. how did you get the gif to work

  5. How did you do it? I counldn´t get it working. Does it have to be a special

  6. Nice

  7. nice one home screen was s@@t

  8. did you create this yourself?

  9. Has to be a GIF image?

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