XRobots – 3D Printing on Battery Power, with a RepRap Lulzbot & Car Battery!

I need to do a 3D Printing demo next month at an exhibition, but there’s no power!. How long can I run from batteries? Subscribe: youtube.com/subscrip…

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  1. Really interesting project. Thanks James. Do you think the printer control
    electronics has a regulator inbuilt? Were you at all concerned with the
    battery voltage being a little high? I’d be interested to see what the
    current drain was with the HBP. I’d also be interested in how the power
    requirements of your other printer compare.

  2. You could even afford to put the heated bed back on. 

  3. wow that takes a lot less power than i expected. Just one question, if the
    print is interrupted such as if the power ran out half way, can you
    continue from where you left off and if so are there any problems in the
    final print such as the layers not sticking together from where you left
    off or something.

  4. you should see if you can set up a circuit to switch to battery if the
    power goes out

  5. When about is the next Hulkbuster video and Back to the Furture cosplay
    vlog? :) 

  6. This is out of topic, but wich hotend do you use for your Taz printer and
    are you happy with it? Also for the bed using PLA, I use kapton tape wich
    works well most of the time.

  7. Can I run a 3D printer for two days on batteries?!

  8. Just keep in mind, that if you over drain the car battery too to much it
    may loose it’s ability to be recharged. You might want to do some research
    & learn specifically what you can & can’t get away with, with doing
    something like this. You don’t want to use the battery all day Saturday, &
    then find out it wont take a charge for Sunday because you over discharged
    it. Also some car chargers may not charge fast enough, you may want to make
    sure that that battery charger is capable of recharging a car battery from
    almost dead to a full charge in the amount of time that your going to be
    able to be in your hotel room over night.

    side thought also, you might be able to go to a car junkyard (scrapyard) to
    pick up a used car battery (or two) for really cheap. Some junk yards will
    purposely pull the car batteries out of the cars & sell them for say,
    $10-$20. (American)

    Love the vids & builds, keep up the great work!

  9. Finish the Xenomorph!

  10. Are u still making your lightsaber

  11. Please remember that car batteries vent hydrogen gas when charging.
    Charging it in your hotel room overnight may not be a good idea.

  12. which is the best for printing in your opinion abs or pla? how would i
    chemically bond pla like u do with ur abs/acetone mixes?

  13. As far as I know, the 24V printer can also run somewhat on 12V, the
    steppers will maybe act up.. but the rest should run “okay”

  14. wow in america we don’t have to pay for power separatly

  15. Why dont you print in PLA more often? Are there disadvantages to it
    compaired to ABS?

  16. First

  17. A deepcycle battery would be good to use for this application.. At the
    hospital I work at they use these sort of batteries for the workstations
    that are on carts. 

  18. “I haven’t seen that meter go over 3.6”

    *It immediately starts raising up and jumps to 3.7*

    Just to spite you!

  19. Very good method man well done on it.

  20. Outsmarting the collectormania organisers? Well done. 

  21. with a more complex shape is the drain on the battery more? Would it better
    to do shapes with a smooth draw path and no infill so the motors are not
    going back and forth constantly shifting directions. I know nothing about
    current draw and battery life so not sure if the motors moving like that
    even matters.

  22. James, you might want to think about a gel cell deep cycle battery. I’m
    from the US and not sure what battery you are using, but with a regular car
    battery if it gets down below a certain amp, the battery can become
    damaged, leak or not take a proper charge. With a gel cell battery it’s
    more for use in conditions where it can take a lot of movement and not
    cause any damage to the cells. They can even be turned upside down and work

  23. awesome uploading rate james, keep it up :)

  24. hey man i know you are busy with the hulk buster suit and other things but
    would you be able to do a full in depth video teaching us how to make the
    ironman suit from foam, because i would love to make it but I’m not very
    good unless i have got instructions.

  25. Great job, James!! Next thing you know, you’ll be going all “green” and
    start powering your 3D printers with batteries and solar panels more often.
    You never know, if we get a great hot and sunny summer one year, you’ll be
    able to sit outside printing all day without using mains power or
    batteries, unless solar gives insufficient power of course. Now there’s
    something to think about: solar projects and 3D printing. ;)

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