Zone of The Enders [NTSC] – Gameplay on PCSX2 Emulator Ver. 0.9.8 [r4600] Max. Speed on DX10

This is the Playstation 2 game Zone of The Enders [NTSC] running on the PCSX 2 Emulator Version Ver. 0.9.8 [r4600] with the default settings on Direct X10. I…

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  1. yes most probably but my strong advice is just get a cheap arcade Xbox 360
    and get the HD releases of ZOE, this is a fantastic game which needs to be
    played at full speed because its so awesome ^^ I will only get a Xbox for
    this and Halo Reach alone 😀

  2. @WonderKingJehuty Thanks ^^ and it runs on 60 FPS the only problem is the
    sound sometimes drops or stutters but overall ZOE 1 is comepletely playable
    on the PCSX2 emulator now that cant be said about ZOE2 thou :( even on my
    powerful PC I still have massive lag during the big battles when many
    enemies are on screen. Maybe I will reconsider buying a Xbox360 when the HD
    remakes come out in november this year.

  3. I played this on 1.0.0 and noticed it dropping to 30-40FPS. Maybe it was
    the plugins? No idea

  4. Man the quality is so crisp! I wonder if I could mirror this?

  5. @lPrintulNoptii Get a PS3 for the HD remakes. The PS3 has some good games!

  6. But the wait is soooo long. Hnnnnnng. I must…. exercise…

  7. @mighty3alloa Kojima said Konami will bring out HD remakes of ZOE 1-2 and
    MGS1-3 for the Xbox 360 later this year and they will be in 1080 but no
    dice with the PS2 once, I still consider ZOE 2nd runner the best mecha game
    out there, the pace and speed of that game is just insane.

  8. technically yes if you got the japnese version but i dont know bout the
    subtiles youll have to find out that one ur self

  9. Man, Zone of the Enders 1 had MUCH better battle music than ZOE 2. But ZOE
    2 had better cinematic gameplay.. They are both perfect in their seperately
    unique gamestyles.

  10. Would my PC work with this: i3 550 3.2 Ghz 8GB DDR3 RAM GTX 560 Non Ti 1GB

  11. Will this work with my PC AMD fx 4170 Zambezi low oc of 4.4 Ghz 16 GB DDR3
    RAM DD Radeon HD 7870 Ghz edition Any Idea what kind of settings I should

  12. i have i7 3.3 and 8 giga ram and 2 giga nvidia and i still cant get full
    speed in zone of the enders 2nd

  13. is it possible to play this with the japanese voice acting and english

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